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Water Quality

Dissolved Oxygen

TS 330 model: The TECMES, Model TS 330 sensor is a submersible sensor intended to measure dissolved oxygen in rivers, reservoirs, treatment plants, etc.


Model TS 320: The pH sensor for TS 320, uses double function in its electrodes. Its flat surface prevents the formation of suspended solids, and further current flow over the electrodes provides a self-cleaning action, prolonging the life thereof and improving its performance.


Model TS 280: This submersible sensor up to 20 meters. allows accurate depth conductivity, through a magnetic measurement without measurement electrodes. The body containing the electronics is built in AISI 316 stainless steel and has a 4-20 mA output. Its low supply voltage makes it suitable for operation with PLC, datalogger, RTU, etc. A thermistor housed inside the capsule allows compensation of the conductivity with temperature.


Model TS 282 4E: This submersible sensor up to 20 m. allows accurate depth either conductivity through titanium electrodes for low ranges as magnetic measuring system for high values electrodeless conductivity measurement.

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